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rdanderson_lims's Journal

Richard Dean Anderson: last icon maker standing co
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Welcome to rdanderson_lims
This is an last icon maker standing community dedicated to Richard Dean Anderson who stared in such shows as Macgyver and Stargate SG-1. This community is modeled after sg1_lims. Every week you will be given multiple images to choose from, (this would be the challenge) to make one icon, and after the voting for that week, one or two people will be voted off. At the end of the round when there is only one person left, then that will be the last icon maker standing.


  • You must be a member and have entered the round before submitting your icons.
  • Must be LJ standard of 100x100 and less than 40 Kb.
  • You may submit one (1) icon per challenge.
  • Text/ Textures/ Blending/ Brushes are allowed. NO animation unless otherwise stated. Also NO text brushes/textures are allowed. You must make the text yourself.
  • The icon must be specifically made for this challenge, and you may NOT share your icon with anyone.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated, and will result in qualification from that round. A second time will get you banned from the community.
  • Submit icons like so:


  • There is no anonymous voting, however please feel free to vote even if you are not a part of that round or have been eliminated.
  • You CANNOT vote for yourself.
  • Every week you will vote for the two icons that you think are of the best quality and the two icons that you think are of the poorest quality. You must give a reason for each icon that you vote for. Please make this constructive and helpful to that icon maker. Example of good feedback: The crop does not work well in this instance. Bad feedback: I don't like that cap.
  • Every participant is given ONE(1) skip at sign up and to use this, please specify that in the weekly submission post. If you do not use a skip (or have none left) and do not enter for that challenge, then you will be eliminated.

The images used for this community are from a variety of people and places. But thanks have to go out to jumble65, starlover1990, and not_a_zatarc for access to their collection of RDA pictures. Also the websites where some of the caps were taken from was Mac's your man, Dedicated to Stargate, and MGM's official website

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