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Richard Dean Anderson: last icon maker standing co
Results: 2.07 Season Openers 
25th-Jan-2011 11:11 pm
So sorry for the delay with this! We had a tie that couldn't get broken and then I got busy with the end of the semester/Christmas/start of new semester...but FINALLY here are the results for this challenge and I'll be right back with the next challenge. :)

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to:

jasminago (-2)
We hope to see you again next round!

Congrats to the winner for this challenge! You received the most positive votes this challenge:

diek09 (+2)

Mod's choice
No Mod's Choice this week...

I will have the banners out soon. :)

(-) = Least Favorite Vote
(+) = Most Favorite Vote
none = no votes / no comments
(+ comment) = Additional comment not included in score tally

Vote Tally:
1. -2 +3= +1
2. -2 +1= -1
3. -3 +1= -2
4. +2

Let me know if you'd like your feedback, either screened or unscreened but please be sure to leave me your ICON NUMBER.
Avengers: captain alone
26th-Jan-2011 04:17 am (UTC)
:D Comments for #4 unscreened is OK
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