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Richard Dean Anderson: last icon maker standing co
Voting: 2.07 Season Openers 
9th-Nov-2010 10:35 pm
Choosing to use a skip: narniacmr.

Please note that we're voting for TWO icons this time around!

Here's the voting for 2.07 Season Openers. I'm going to wait to post the submission post for 2.08 until the winners are announced but don't forget to check the sidebar for the link to those pictures, though I'm not sure yet if we will have one more normal challenge or head to the semi-finals...we shall see! Also, if there's an icon(s) you'd really like to comment on but it didn't make one of your favorites, you may still comment on it after you've voted for Least favorite/Most favorite!

  • You are voting for two icons, one icon of your least favorite (lesser quality) and one icon of your most favorite (best quality).
  • You MUST give a reason for each of your choices. You are voting on technique so please make sure to make it constructive feedback!
  • Avoid using I think... and please try to answer the question 'why?' if you think it's oversharpened, instead of saying I think it's oversharpened. say something like The icon is oversharpened around his face and distracts from the overall concept of the icon. If it does not meet these standards, I may ask you to rephrase your reason, if it's not rephrased, I will not count the vote.
  • All comments are screened so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Also you may still vote even if you aren't signed up for this round, however there is no anonymous voting.
  • Please do NOT vote on if the icon fits the theme or not, focus on the quality of the icon.
  • Voting is through Friday November 12th
  • Please use the form below to vote.


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