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4th-Nov-2010 12:18 am - Reminder: 2.07
 Here's your final reminder that 2.07 Season Opener is through tomorrow. (Thursday) 

So far we have 3 of 5 icons entered. Don't forget to get your icon in or let me know if you're using a skip! 
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2nd-Nov-2010 10:58 am - Reminder: 2.07
 Here's your first reminder that 2.07 Season Opener is through Thursday.

So far we have 2 of 5 icons entered. 
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29th-Oct-2010 12:06 pm - Challenge 2.07 Season Opener
Here's the seventh challenge, focusing on Season Openers of SG1. The deadline is through Thursday November 4th. ALSO I just wanted to let you guys know that we have 5 participants left, this will be the last challenge that you can use your skips!
  • Please submit ONE (1) icon to this post, using only the images provided. You may use textures/text/brushes/blending, however NO animation is allowed. Also, NO text textures or text brushes are allowed, all text must be made by you.
  • Please do not use or share your icon until winners are announced.
  • If you'd like to change your icon after you'd submitted it, all you have to do is edit your comment (for those that have paid accounts) or deleted the comment and post your new icon as a new comment.
  • If you don't submit your icon, I will assume that you'd like to use your skip. (Although, it would be lovely if you'd let me know as a comment to this post that you'd like to use a skip!) :)
  • Check the User Info on how to submit your icons.  All comments are screened so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, jenniferjensen and regularamanda, you two have NO skips left, if you don't submit an icon you will be eliminated!!
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29th-Oct-2010 12:00 pm - Alternates: 2.06
If there were any icons that you made but decided not to enter or if you'd just like to share the icon that you did submit, post them in the comments here. Maybe you'll get some feedback! :)
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29th-Oct-2010 11:59 am - Results: 2.06
Here are the results for 2.06 Paradise Lost! Also, I'll have the previous feedback out this weekend, so sorry for the delay with that!

results under hereCollapse )
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29th-Oct-2010 11:53 am - 2.07 and 2.08 Caps
Here's the next two upcoming challenges. :) This might take us exactly to the semi-finals (Semi-finals start when we have 3 participants left!) If after challenge 2.07 is complete, if we only have 3 participants left then we will save 2.08 caps to be used for the first challenge of the following round. 

You can find the links in the sidebar for your connivence. 

2.07 Season Openers- This challenge focuses on pictures from the Season Openers of SG1.
2.08 Alien Buddies- This challenge focuses on Jack and his Alien Buddies. This also includes humans that have Tok'ras in them. ;) 

I'll be right back with the results from 2.06 Paradise Lost. :)
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27th-Oct-2010 12:02 am - Extension: 2.06 voting
 Hey all, we've only had TWO people vote for 2.06 Paradise Lost so we are in desperate need of more votes!! Please go and vote, you're only voting for two icons so it should be a bit easier! I'm going to extend the voting to noon EST tomorrow!
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21st-Oct-2010 04:38 pm - Voting: 2.06 Paradise Lost
I am so sorry for the delay! I honestly thought that I had put up the voting, turns out I hadn't. :( Also, please note that we're voting for TWO icons this time around! AND there will probably be one or two more challenges, and once there are three participants left, we will be in the semi-finals! :)

Eliminated due to non-participation: mrs_jack_turner

Choosing to use a skip: jasminago and narniacmr.

Here's the voting for 2.06 Paradise Lost I'm going to wait to post the submission post for 2.07 until the winners are announced but don't forget to check the sidebar for the link to those pictures. Also, if there's an icon(s) you'd really like to comment on but it didn't make one of your favorites, you may still comment on it after you've voted for Least favorite/Most favorite!

  • You are voting for two icons, one icon of your least favorite (lesser quality) and one icon of your most favorite (best quality).
  • You MUST give a reason for each of your choices. You are voting on technique so please make sure to make it constructive feedback!
  • Avoid using I think... and please try to answer the question 'why?' if you think it's oversharpened, instead of saying I think it's oversharpened. say something like The icon is oversharpened around his face and distracts from the overall concept of the icon. If it does not meet these standards, I may ask you to rephrase your reason, if it's not rephrased, I will not count the vote.
  • All comments are screened so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Also you may still vote even if you aren't signed up for this round, however there is no anonymous voting.
  • Please do NOT vote on if the icon fits the theme or not, focus on the quality of the icon.
  • Voting is through Saturday October 23rd 30th
  • Please use the form below to vote.

Entries for 2.06 Paradise LostCollapse )
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4th-Oct-2010 07:35 pm - Reminder 2: 2.06
 Last reminder that 2.06 Paradise Lost is through tomorrow.

So far we have 3 of 7 icons entered. 

Also, regularamanda and mrs_jack_turner you two have NO skips left, if you don't submit an icon you will be eliminated! 
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28th-Sep-2010 05:30 pm - Extenstion
 Ack, I'm so sorry I forgot to remind you guys of this! :/ Because you guys got no reminders I'm going to extend 2.06 Paradise Lost through Tuesday October 5th.

So far we have 2 of 7 icons entered.

Also, regularamanda and mrs_jack_turner  you two of NO skips left, if you do not submit an icon you will be eliminated...yes, I did need to give myself a reminder. ;) 
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